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Best 18+ Hindi Adult Web Series To Watch Online in 2020

Sunday, 12 July 2020
Best Erotic & Adult Web Series
Adult Web Series are web shows meant for people who are 18+ in age. Now that you have begun reading this article, I’m sure you are 18+. When boredom eats you up in your young days, watching some sizzling series will rejuvenate your entire system. We have made list of best Hindi adult web series in this post after watching more than 200 web series for 800 hours. Watching such series will not only get you in the mood but also it will help you open up new avenues and possibilities in your bedroom. Since the time Cinema has made its way in peoples’ lives, there is an unending argument of finding the thin line between pornography and the art and act of intercourse. There have been countless series and movies that thrive in that grey area, pushing the boundaries of decency in the name of storytelling. In our country India, when we say Adult Web Series it mostly means 18+ Web Series with content having s33ual expressions and acts along with cuss words, violence and dull story.
There are some really best hindi adult web series available online in India that one can watch online to keep them comfortable at home. These series are best handy when there is no one at home and you really want to enjoy some worthwhile time with yourself. These adult web series have just begun for the past 3 years. The rise in such ‘mature content’ is because of platforms like Alt Balaji, Viu, TVF, Netflix, etc. in India. The movies have strict censorships, but these web series are completely free for any viewers. There is a huge lot of web series which sell due to nudity, s33, and foul words. After a lot of research, we were able to find some web series that really has got good storylines and are worth watching. Here’s a list of 15 such web series which will help you gain some insights about how and what people deal with in their everyday life.

1. Sacred Games

Availability: Netflix
Sacred Games
Released in the year 2018, this series is 16 episodes long. This series is available on Netflix. The storyline is something like an honest cop named Sartaj Singh gets a phone call from a very infamous gangster. The gangster named Ganesh Gaitonde mentions that something really bad is going to happen in the city of Mumbai in 25 days. After this phone call, the cop’s life takes a huge turn and he gets into unwanted situations. This series has got some sizzling scenes and hence it is here in this list. This is a must-watch. It has got a great story, action, suspense, thrill, dialogues, cuss words etc. If you still haven’t watched Sacred Games, I don’t know what rock you are living under. This series has literally changed the face of Indian web series. This web series has a little bit of s33ual acts here and there but overall its clean.

2. The Bull of Dalal Street

Availability: Ullu

Dalal Street

3 seasons and 4 episodes each, the first season of this series was released in the year 2020. The users can watch this series on Ullu. This series is a story of a person from rags to riches. The storyline revolves around how a man is on the journey of becoming the richest stockbroker of Mumbai. Based on a real-life story from the 90s, The Bull of Dalal Street features some recognizable faces from Indian TV soaps like Mohammed Iqbal Khan and Ashmit Patel. It is a story of two ambitious brothers who come to Mumbai hoping to achieve big things. The story shows their rise from living on the streets to becoming the biggest stockbroker in Mumbai. This web series makes it to this 2020 updated edition adult web series for one definite reason, like The Wolf of Wall Street this desi version is also filled with a lot of sizzling and bold scenes. This series is a nice attempt to copy a Hollywood story in Desi Style.

3. Oh! Mother

Availability: AddaTimes

This is a series that has 6 episodes and was released in the year 2018. It is available on Addatimes. Though it is a Bengali web series, it gets its place in the list of Hindi web series, because the series is worth watching. Saurav is a teenager who accidentally impregnates his girlfriend. What follows is his struggle to take charge of his life and own up to his mistakes. Oh! Mother is a Bengali web series about a boy named Saurav who is fed up with women (his mom and girlfriend) dictating his life decisions. The problem starts when he gets his girlfriend pregnant and now has to beg his mother for help. The only person that backs him is his friend Pablo and a Drug Dealer roommate EJ. The whole series is funny and you’ll be laughing a lot. It’s also a ‘coming to an age’ kind of story where you can see Saurav owning up to his mistakes and taking charge of his life.

4. Made in Heaven

Availability: Prime Video
Made in Heaven

Kind of quirky, bold, unusual and intelligent content is presented through this web series. There is no doubt that this one amongst the other best Indian web series that people can watch. Made in Heaven chronicles the lives, lies, and mistakes of two wedding planners and friends, Tara and Karan. What set the show apart was the nuanced portrayal of issues such as adultery, Section 377, wealth gap, and s33ual abuse; along with a very realistic, entertaining and thought-provoking representation of the Indian wedding circus. Amazon Prime is the place that you can visit to watch this series.

5. *** Uncensored

Availability: ALT Balaji
XXX Uncensored

Alt Balaji is one of the leading producers in making adult web series than its other competitors. This adult web series was introduced in the year 2018 and can be watched on ALT BALAJI. With just one little twist to not make it look obvious. The story starts with Mayank giving a lift to Kyra in his car. The two strangers start telling each other quirky s33ual fantasy stories to kill time. The show ends up with both of them being in bed together for all the obvious reasons. If you think, I gave away a spoiler in the end, who are we kidding here. Can you expect anything other than that to happen? The show captured each and everything that it promised to show to its audience.

6. Mona Home Delivery

Availability: Ullu

Mona Home Delivery

A very thought-provoking web series that actually captures the bitter reality of our society. This is a very courageous attempt to showcase a story of a call girl from her point of view. This story revolves around a girl named Mona who had a very difficult childhood. While growing up she decided not to spend her life in such situations so she decided to use her body as a means to earn and live a better life. On her journey, she realizes that the world is not kind enough towards a girl like her. There is no respect for such people in the so-called ‘Society’. This series was released in the year 2019 and is available on Ullu App.

7. Virg3n Bhaskar

Availability: ALT Balaji
Virgin Bhaskar

An 11 episode long story and released in the year 2019, this series is one more attempt of ALT BALAJI to showcase a combination of an sizzling story of a s33ually repressed protagonist with some family entertainment and social messages. The story revolves around Bhaskar, a 26-year-old guy who has serious talent when it comes to writing adult novels but the irony is that he is a virgin with tonnes of fantasies. It is a hilarious adult comedy with spices of love and conflicts. This series is available on Alt Balaji.

8. Gandi Baat

Availability: ALT Balaji

This web series depicts the sizzling storied of dark fantasy from rural India. ‘Control me nahi rahenge jazbaat, ek bar shuru hone dijie Gandi baat‘- tweets Sachin Mohite (Director of Gandi Baat). When you hear the director say such words, you know what’s coming for you. This web series created shock waves for Alt Balaji. It was such a huge success for not only Alt Balaji but one of its main cast Anveshi Jain became the most searched actress on Google. The adult web series focuses on portraying the s33ual fantasies of rural India which was an unchartered territory until now. Rural India has always been shown as a simple orthodox society where s33ual fantasies are no more than just a taboo. Every episode a different story with a different cast but one thing remains the same- ‘The Desiness of Gandi Baat’. This series is available on Alt Balaji which is 13 episodes long.

9. Maaya: Slave of Her Desires

Availability: MX Player

Maaya Slave of her deesires

Available on MX player, this series was released in the year 2017. A 10 episode long story reveals a trauma that causes Sonia to lose her memory. To find a cure, her husband digs deep in her past life and finds something very shocking. The web series genuinely tries to present something relatable to the Indian audiences. It had a decent story, better than most of the adult web series. The show follows the life of a girl named Sonia, who due to some trauma forgets the past six months of her life. To find the cause, her husband is forced to search for answers in her past. What he uncovers is Sonia’s secret life of intense s33uality and twisted fantasies. The best thing about the show is that it didn’t use slutty scenes to grab attention. The series had subtle messages in it about marriage dynamics and social stigma, which I really appreciated. If you are looking for a show that’s both steamy and sensible, then you should definitely checkout Maaya.

10. Class of 2020

Availability: ALT Balaji
Class of 2020

Released in the year 2020, this is going to be a 32 long episode story. Available on Alt Balaji, this story revolves around teenagers and their problems. It clearly showcases the problems of teenage friends entering their adulthood and how and what they struggle in this transformation. After two years Alt Balaji released the sequel of ‘Class of 2017’ with a look-alike plot starring some recognizable faces from the Indian entertainment industry like Rohan Mehra and Chetna Pande. The web series revolves around a bunch of schoolmates from De Nobel High School. Enjoying the last few years of their school life they had to deal with teenage problems, confusion in relationships, lustful desires, and drugs.

11. S33 Chat with Pappu and Papa

Availability: YouTube
S33 Chat With Pappu & Papa

The moral reason for such web series is to make parents aware of how to tackle questions from the children especially when it about the so-called taboo in the society for talking about it- S33. This series opens up with the question thrown by Pappu to his dad about masturbation. The way his poor Papa handles the situation while his own father keeps distracting them to stop talking about masturbation. The web series is created by Durex & Y-Films. S33 Chat With Pappu & Papa is one of the most-watched Indian web series, that explores all possible ways to demystify s33 and themes around s33 including, pregnancy, condoms, periods and homos33uality in a simple, clean, honest and fun manner. According to research, s33 talk with parents is directly and clearly linked to safer s33ual behavior. The series aims to deliver information across different s33/s33uality related themes. In an honest style with a lot of humor. Featuring a curious 7-year-old boy, Pappu – who throws the most outrageous questions to his Papa, Anand.

12. Karenjit Kaur

Availability: ZEE5
Karenjit Kaur

Although being a biography, this web series talks about the life journey of how a Girl from Next Door went on to become a porn star and then a Bollywood actor. The story takes viewers back to when she wasn’t Sunny Leone but Karenjit Kaur. Born in a middle-class Sikh family, this Indian web series captures the story of her transformation to an adult film actress and a Bollywood Star. This biographical account of sorts is captured through 10 episodes and is available in multiple languages, including Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi. This web series is currently streaming on ZEE5.

13. Hello Mini

Availability: MX Player
Hello Mini

Thrilling, seductive and filled with mystery, this series was released in the year 2019. This series is available on MX Player. Just the thought of someone always watching, can give creeps to anyone. In an attempt to highlight the seriousness of stalking as a crime, MX Player came up with a bold series called ‘Hello Mini’. In the web series, you see the perfect life of a girl getting ruined by a stalker. Rivanah Bannerjee is an independent girl who lives alone in Mumbai. She’s got a perfect life- caring parents, a great job and a loving boyfriend. But then slowly everything starts to change, as she starts observing that someone has been following, monitoring her every move and trying to get control over her life. Every moment of the story is a thrill and I was hooked to it all the way to the end. I highly recommend you give this series a shot.

14. Four More Shots Please Season 1 & 2!

Availability: Prime Video
Four More Shots Please!

An Indian version of the movie ‘S33 and the City’, this web series depicts the story of 4 females who are desperate for things in life. They live an ordinary life until they decide to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Available on Amazon Prime, this is a 10 episode long story, released in the year 2019. The series has its flaws but it depends upon the taste of the viewer. If you like series that have strong female characters, you might also like this series.

15. Kavita Bhabhi

Availability: Ullu
Kabita Bhabhi

Available on Ullu, this series showcases an sizzling and bold woman who is set to cure the s33ual problems of men over the phone. Ullu is growing towards becoming the top soft porn producer in India. After hits like Mona Home Delivery creators of Ullu are all set to take over the hype of Savita Bhabhi among the Indian audience by introducing the quirky Kavita Bhabhi. Kavita is a young woman who chooses an easy way to earn by consulting men with s33ual illness on phone calls. Her bedtime stories work as a cure for people. I don’t recommend you watch this if you are looking for some serious entertainment but if you are excited to watch bold content then the Ullu app is the place for you.

16. Love, S33, and Viagra

Availability: YouTube

Love S33 & Viagra

Platformed on Youtube, this series is an adult web series that you’ll find on YouTube is ‘Love, s33, and Viagra’. There are tonnes of content made on the life of urban men. For any story to stand out in this crowded genre, it needs to be quirky. And what could be quirkier than naming the series ‘Love, S33 Aur Viagra’. The show’s about three boys who live in the same house. It’s filled with stupidity, flirting and locker room language. Just a warning, if you decide to watch this one, don’t look for too much logic in the story”. Just watch it for the silly dirty jokes, awkward scenes and that’s it. This is a 2017 release consisting of 5 episodes.

17. Boys with Toys

Availability: MX Player
Boys with Toys

Released in the year 2019 and featured on Hungama Play. A 10 episode long series it’s a story of two friends Adi and Jiggy who are frustrated with their jobs. One day they get the news that Jaggi’s uncle has passed away and has left all his inheritance in Jaggi’s name. In the excitement of becoming rich, both quit their job. But to their surprise, they don’t get any money but a lot of s33 toys in inheritance. Now they are left with no choice but to sell those stuff if they want to pay their bill. If you like silly comedies with s33 jokes filled in it, ‘Boys with toys’ will not disappoint you.